The office is conveniently located on the Southwest corner of Westwood Boulevard and Le Conte Avenue in the Westwood Village, directly across the street from UCLA. 

There is metered street parking on many of the surrounding streets in the Westwood Village. There is also some free street parking up Gayley Avenue and adjoining streets. Alternatively, there are many merchants in the Village within walking distance to this office that may validate parking if you make a purchase, including Best Buy, Ralph's, Trader Joe's, Target, etc. Be sure to ask them about their parking restrictions and time parameters. There is also a public parking lot on Broxton Avenue that offers two hour parking at no cost, and a parking fee of $3.00 if you are entering after 6PM. Be sure to click on Public Parking link above for address and additional information for this lot.  Lastly, their is a parking lot adjacent to the building, however it is fairly costly at approximately $8 per hour. My office is unable to validate parking. **Note, be sure to pay close attention to parking signs in the Westwood Village. Many private lots deceptively advertise low cost parking, example, $3.00 parking. If you read the fine print underneath you will see "for the first 15 minutes!" When you do the calculation, you will see that an hour will cost you $8.00 - $10.00, depending on the lot! Many of these lots offer flat fee parking after a certain time in the late afternoon or evening. Also, some city meters expire at 8P and some expire at 12P. Be sure to carefully read the restrictions on your meter, so that you do not get ticketed. Parking enforcement personnel are very active in ticketing cars in this area that are not in compliance! 

To access the building, you will need to input the code 5979 into the front door intercom. Please be note that the front door access code has not changed from the previous building, with the exception of the pound sign being deleted! You now simply need to press in the four digit code and the front door will unlock. After entering the building, take staircase or the elevator to the second floor to suite 217. Upon entering the office, you will need to push the light to the right, in the hallway. This will alert me of your arrival. You may then take a seat in the waiting room directly ahead and make yourself comfortable. I make every attempt at being as prompt as I possibly can. I am, however, not always able to predict delays due to patient emergencies. In such instances, I make every attempt at notifying patients of my delay.